In a complex and volatile climate, economic and legislative context, measuring the environmental footprint of one’s information system has become a priority. To position oneself in comparison with the companies of one’s sector of activity brings many advantages. BenchmarkIT is the first multi-sector Green IT ranking of companies and administrations.

  • Calculate the environmental impact of your IT assets.
  • 4 indicators: CO2e, water, energy and natural resources.
  • Measure your Green IT maturity.
  • Get a complete report with a personalized action plan.
  • Compare your Green IT score to those of other companies.
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The advantages

Participating in BenchmarkIT brings environmental, economic and image benefits for your company.

  • Reduce your IT footprint and costs.
  • Integrate digital impact into your CSR report.
  • Gain internal and public visibility and credibility.
  • Communicate and differentiate yourself from other companies.
  • Reassure your employees, investors, customers and authorities.

The procedure


Collection of data from your
information system.


Sending the environmental
footprint report and action


Publication of the best
companies by sector of

Only the top 3 companies in each industry will be published. If you are not among the top 3, then
your position will not be published and will be sent to you privately.


Our expertise

Canopé is recognized as a Green IT expert in Europe. We have assisted public administrations, multinationals and Swiss SMEs in their Green IT strategy and in their certification to the European Green IT label.



  • Among the 30 European Silver Green IT experts recognized by the Sustainable IT Institute.
  • He has assisted large companies, SMEs and public administrations in their Green IT approach and labeling.
  • Co-head for the scientific committee of the Swiss Institute for Sustainable IT.
  • Author of the book « Un autre univers numérique est possible ».
  • Co-author of the report « Sustainable IT in companies: where stands Switzerland? ».


  • Co-founder of the Swiss Institute for Sustainable IT.
  • Responsible for the experts group of this Institute.
  • Accompanies SMEs and large organizations in their Green IT approach.
  • The only expert in Switzerland to have accompanied several companies in the most demanding level of Green IT label.


  • PhD in software test automation. Diploma in environmental consulting with a thesis on Green IT in SMEs.
  • Co-founder of the former Green IT group of the Swiss Computer Society.
  • Member of the Sustainable IT group of the Swiss Telecommunications Association.
  • Responsible for the GreenIT module of the CAS at Lucerne University.